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Monday, May 14, 2012, 7:00PM
Weathersfield Town Offices
Martin Memorial Hall, 5259 Route 5
Ascutney, Vermont


    I.    Introductions: Commissioners
                Special Visitors

    II.    Approval of Minutes: Meeting of April 23, 2012

    III.    Review Meeting Agenda - additions, corrections

    IV.    Public Hearings:
        A. Bylaw/Regulation Revisions - Self-Storage Facility
    V.    Requests/Reviews:
        A.  Sketch Plan Review - #05.0112A by Helen Woychosky on Reservoir Road
VI.    Discussions:
        A. Bylaw/Regulation Revisions - definition of “structure”
        B. Town Plan Revisions
            (1) Energy
            (2) Economic Development

    VII.    Public Comment:

    VIII.    Wrap-up: debrief issues addressed and input given

    IX.    Set or reinforce the agenda, date, time, and place for the next meeting

    X.    Adjournment


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