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March 5. 2009 Conservation Commission Meeting Minutes

Mtgs of the Con Com shall be on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at the Proctor Library in Ascutney. However, the coming April 2nd mtg will be at a location thus far undetermined.

Members present: Gary Pelton, President; deForest Guertin, Zoning Administrator; Tina Wood; Chris Harris ; Marybeth Reville; Annemarie Christensen; George Ainley, Secretary

Mtg called to order at 7:00 pm

Minutes of the Feb. 5 mtg were accepted

Members attended the Selectboard mtg at the nearby Town office to voice support for the preservation of the Fellows property on the south side of Ascutney Mt. The result of the discussion there was that the Chair of the Selectboard signed a letter stating that the Town would assume ownership of the property if it could be acquired by the Upper Valley Land Trust. See minutes of that Selectboard Mtg for more details.

Old Business: Members will draft rewrites of the coming 5 year revision of the Town plan, to be reviewed and commented on by other members via e-mail, as follows:
Section V, Tina Wood; Section VIII, Chris Harris; Section IX, Gary Pelton, Section XIII, Annemarie Christensen

Next Meeting will be April 2.


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