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Town Clerk
Flora-Ann Dango email
Assistant Town Clerk
Marion J. Ballam email

Office Hours
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Thursday - 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Friday - Closed

The Town Clerk's office is located in Martin Memorial Hall, at 5259 Route 5 in the hamlet of Ascutney, Vermont.

Martin Memorial Hall
5259 Route 5
Ascutney, Vermont

Telephone: [802] 674-9500
Facsimile:  [802] 674-2117

Mailing Address:
Weathersfield Town Clerk
Post Office Box 550
Ascutney, VT 05030-0550

E-Mail the Town Clerk


What's Below

Town Clerk Services and Fees

Recording of deeds, liens, mortgages,
foreclosures, discharges, mobile home
bill of sale, Land Use permits, etc.
Alcoholic Beverage or Tobacco Licenses
Call for Fees
Recording Vermont property transfer tax

Civil Marriage License plus Certified Copy of License

Recording U.C.C.'s [new, assignments,
or amendments]
Certified copies of vital records
$10.00 each
Recording U.C.C. termination
Voter Registration
No Charge
Recording plats, maps, and surveys
Copies of Voter Checklist [printed copy
or electronic format}
Land Postings
Renewals of motor vehicle, snowmobile,
and boat registrations
State fees
plus $3.00
Recording Trademark Registration
Green Mountain Passports [persons age
62, and older
Vault Time [Inspection of land, vital, or
other records]
Notary Public services
No Charge
Photocopies of Vault Documents
[Deeds, liens, maps, etc.]



Motor Vehicle Registration Renewals

Renewals, using the State issued renewal forms, may be done at the Office during normal working hours.
A check or money order, payable to the "Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles," is required.
The fee for this service if $3.00, payable in cash to the Town Clerk's Office.
We are not allowed to register new vehicles, or to renew registrations without the State issued form.

Online Renewal

Renew your registration online with a credit card at Express Renewal from Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
Express Renewal is a new service that makes it possible for you to renew your Vermont motor vehicle registration, and even change your address, without waiting in line. Through the use of Internet technology, your renewal can be completed quickly and easily online in one simple transaction. There is no additional charge for this service beyond your regular renewal fee.
For more information, visit the DMV website.

Town Clerk Documents Currently Available on the Web

Application Forms (PDF)

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
Get it free at


Frequently Asked Questions

I need to renew my vehicle registration. Can I do this at the Town Clerk's office?

Yes, Weathersfield is one of the towns participating in the program. We can only process vehicle renewals [no new registrations], only with the computer generated form the DMV sends out, and none older than two (2) months overdue. You will also need a check or money order, made out for the exact amount due, to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles [SORRY, WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ACCEPT CASH FOR RENEWALS]. Please note that there is also a $3.00 fee due to our office [we do accept cash for the fee].

I live in Weathersfield. Why is my mailing address in Springfield, Windsor, Reading, Ascutney, or Perkinsville?

Weathersfield is currently served by several different post offices, depending on which part of Town you live in. This issue has not been resolved with the U.S. Postal Service.

We live in Perkinsville. Where do I get my marriage license, and what do I need to bring with me?
In Vermont, you must get your license in the town where one of you resides, so you would get your license at the Weathersfield Town Clerk's office. We do not require any documentation unless you are divorced, then we need to see the court documents that state the final divorce decree date (decree nisi).

We have a "Worksheet for Marriage License/Civil Union Application" for you to complete. When you sign this document, you are attesting that all the information is accurate. There is no waiting period, and blood tests are not required. The fee is $45.00, plus $10.00 for the certified copy. Out-of-state residents who wish to be married in Weathersfield may also come to the Town Clerk's Office for their licenses.

For more information on getting married in Vermont, please visit the Secretary of State's website at

When are dog licenses due, and what do I need to bring with me?
In the State of Vermont, dog licenses are due by April 1st of each year. We are required by law to have on file for each license a current Rabies Vaccination Certificate, signed by the veterinarian, which includes the rabies tag number. We also need proof of spaying or neutering.

Dog or wolf hybrid owners shall pay $9.00 to license each neutered dog, and $13.00 to license each un-neutered dog. Licenses issued after April 1st include late fees and are $11.00 for each neutered dog, and $17.00 for each un-neutered dog.

If a new dog or wolf hybrid is licensed after October 1st, the license fee is $7.00 for each neutered dog, and $9.00 for each un-neutered dog.

A portion of the fees is forwarded to the State Treasurer, to fund the rabies control program.

For more information about the Town Dog Ordinance, see below.

The Ascutney Volunteer Fire Association sponsors a Rabies Clinic every March. Call the Town Clerk's office for details.

There is a dog running loose on my road. Who do I call?
Contact our Animal Control Officer, Cathy, at 603-477-1229, to report a stray dog, or other dog related problems.

Report dog bites promptly to the Town Health Officer, at [802] 674-2626.

How do I register to Vote?

If you want to register to vote in Vermont or to change the town in Vermont in which you are registered to vote,  Instructions are provided with the form.
In Vermont, there are four requirements to become a legally qualified voter. You must be :1. A United States Citizen. You must have either been born a United States Citizen or have become a citizen through the naturalization process in order to register to vote in Vermont. You cannot register to vote with a "green card" or any other visa.
2. A resident of Vermont. You must register in the town where your principal dwelling place is located. This is not your mailing address, but is the town or city in which your principal dwelling is physically located.
(If you reside in a gore or unorganized town, you may register to vote in the primary and general elections in a neighboring town that is within the same representative district and probate district. -- see 17 V.S.A. § 2123. You will not be allowed to vote in their town or school district elections.)
3. Eighteen years old, or will be 18 by election day.
4. Taken the voter's oath, or will take the oath on or before election day

(If you have not voted before in Vermont, you must take the voter's oath and have a notary public, justice of the peace, or board of civil authority member administer and witness the oath. The oath simply states that you will vote your conscience and not be directed by another.)

After you complete your application to the checklist swearing or affirming that you meet the four requirements above, the local board of civil authority, or town clerks in towns that have authorized the town clerk by vote at town meeting, will review your application and make a decision to add you to the checklist or to deny your application. You will be informed of the decision, and if denied, you can appeal to a court in your county. If you are denied, you can also call our office and we can review the legal requirements and process with you.
There is NO PARTY REGISTRATION in Vermont. Names are added to the checklist alphabetically with addresses but with no party affiliation noted.

Click here for more information about voting.

Visit the Secretary of State's website for even more voting info.

I'd like to run for local office. Where can I find out more information?

The Town Clerk's Office has a pamphlet about running for School Board and other town offices.
You can also visit the Secretary of State's "Local Government" page where you'll find downloadable documents on:

* Getting on the Ballot: A Practical Guide for Social Services Agencies
* Oath of Office for all Officers (local and justice of the peace)
* Oath of Office for Listers
* Accessibility for all voters - - Polling Place Accessibility
* Vermont Voter Affirmation Form (for use by Town Clerks and/or the Board of Civil Authority)
* Local Candidate Campaign Finance Form (Word Version)
* Petitioning Your Local Government to Place Articles on the Warning for the Annual Town or A Special Meeting
* Petitioning Your Local Government for Reconsideration of an Article from the Annual Town or A Special Meeting
* Local Office Petition (Word document)

Also visit Basic Vermont Election Information:

* How to Become a Candidate in Vermont
* General Information about Voter Registration and Voter Checklists in Vermont
* Vermont Voter Registration Information and Application Form
* How to Vote Early in Vermont
* Political Parties in Vermont

Do you have any old records that I can use for geneology?
Yes! Our records go back to the charter of the Town, and include many old property transfers, vital records, Grand Lists, census records, meeting minutes, and Town Reports. The earliest records have been professionally restored and all are available for viewing. Copies can be made for $1.00 per page. Sorry, we're not staffed to do geneological research, but you are welcome to come in during office hours and do research in our vault. Vault time is $2.00 per hour.


Vermont Hunting and Fishing Licenses

License Type Resident Fee Non-Resident Fee
Bow and Arrow
Muzzle Loader
Junior Trapping
Junior Hunting
$ 8.00
One (1) Day Fishing
Not Available
Three (3) Day Fishing
Seven (7) Day Fishing
Not Available
Small Game
Not Available
Archery Only
Not Available
Harvest Only
Lost License Replacement
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